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Last updated 22 January 2024

The Project 

Works to remove the former temporary café 

About the community café

BCP Council’s Greenspace Development team held a long-standing wish to revitalise Churchill Gardens through the Masterplan for Boscombe. Partnering with the Communities team on the Aspire project meant that a new building could be realised at the centre of the park and the community, providing a modern accessible meeting point.

The modular building was installed & completed in July 2022. The café is open 6 days a week, and refreshments include freshly made hand roasted coffee, toasted sandwiches and delicious locally baked cakes including gluten-free and vegan choices.

The works

The older building, formerly a youth services base and temporary café, is now to be demolished. This was a planning condition of the new café and the building is not able to be re-used, let or adapted without significant financial cost and other measures. In time it will also allow greater re-design of the play area and wider landscaping of the park.

From 22 January 2024, the area will be security fenced off and the building removed down to ground level. A portion of the play area will be closed for this time, but most of the play equipment will be accessible.

The long-term plan for Churchill Gardens is to provide a new play area, further landscape works and facilities to improve the space for local people. There is no timeline for these improvements while opportunities for funding are explored.

New tenant sought for the community café

BCP Council is seeking an organisation to lease the Churchill Gardens community café, Boscombe for a period of up to 9 years 6 months.

The café is the heart of a busy, community-focussed urban park and a tenant is sought that can manage and run a successful café operation alongside supporting a wide range of community interests, activities and events within the park.

Draft Tender document

This document is issued for review and comment by Churchill Gardens Community Association (formerly The Friends of Churchill Gardens) to ensure transparency of process in issuing new lease terms for the operation of Churchill Gardens community café.

The information in it is subject to change but is open to any potential bidders to review at this stage and is considered part of early engagement with any potential suppliers

Download the Draft Tender document (v1.0)

  • Any potential suppliers should register for free on the procurement portal to access any future opportunities, including at Churchill Gardens at
  • This page will be updated once the opportunity is formally advertised on the procurement portal

Hub project details

Budget £149,000 for the building, site prep & fitting-out costs extra
Funding co-financed by the Aspire programme European Regional Development Fund award 
Project Leader Jacqui van Bommel, Senior Landscape Architect, BCP Council

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