Hamworthy Park Paddling Pool refurbishment

Completed July 2019

Refurbished 2019

In partnership with the Friends of Hamworthy Park

Opened 30th July 

Ready to make a splash in Hamworthy?

After months of hard work we’re finally able to roll up our trousers and enjoy this beautiful setting! Come and see for yourself!

Friday 26th July

The paddling pool is almost finished and we hope to open it soon. Contractors have been on site day and night over the past few weeks dealing with a water pressure issue that has arisen during the construction.

This has unfortunately caused a delay to the completion of the project however repair works to the pipe system have been completed this week and ground reinstatement works will be completed very soon.

In order to ensure the pool is operating safely it will be filled over the weekend and final checks will be undertaken early next week.

Once we are satisfied that everything is working correctly we will be able to open the pool for everyone to enjoy.

We sincerely apologise for the delay in opening the pool which has been for reasons beyond our control.

Monday 8th July

A recent water pressure test revealed an issue with the pipework and exploratory works were immediately carried out to identify the cause. We will soon be carrying out some repairs to the water pipe system. Once complete we will commence filling the paddling pool and hope it will be open as soon as possible.

Tuesday 25th June

This is a major engineering project, so it’s not unexpected for there to be a few issues. A recent water pressure test revealed an issue with the pipe work and exploratory works were immediately carried out to identify the cause. Once these results are known, we will be able to carry out the necessary remedial repairs.

We continue to work with the contractor and the Friends of Hamworthy Park to ensure this much-loved feature is available for use as soon as possible.

Friday 24th May

The coping stones have been successfully installed, and the concrete quality testing completed.

Next week will see installation of the movable watertight joints into the paddling pool base, as well as reinstatement of the surrounding ground. Water pressure and chemical tests will also take place prior to completely refilling the pool.

Tuesday 14th May

Installation of the new drainage gullies, covers and coping stones began yesterday; concrete quality testing also took place

Monday 13th May

The paddling pool base is complete and the remaining wall will be poured on finished on Wednesday 15th May, at which point we will undertake some quality testing of the concrete and undertake the following:

  • install new drainage gullies and covers
  • lay new coping stones
  • remove the redundant ‘mushroom’ water feature
  • reinstate the surrounding tarmac, fencing and entrance gate
Friday 26th April

The second concrete base pour was completed yesterday into two of the outer segments of the padding pool, continuing the final surface finish.

Steel reinforcement continues to be laid for the remaining three outer segments, with the base and wall concrete pours to follow.

Video footage of the latest progress

1. Rolling out the concrete pour

2. Applying the steel float finish

We would also like to thank a local resident who supplied us with some great visuals of the paddling pool works using his drone:

Thursday 4th April

The first concrete base pour into the central circle was completed earlier this week, creating the start of the final surface finish.

A panel of experts have carried out testing on concrete trial panels and approved a steel float finish to comprise of a smooth non-slip, durable and easy-to-clean surface.

Steel reinforcement continues to be laid for the six outer quadrants with the outer base and wall concrete pours to follow.

Tuesday 26th March

A total of 114 reinforced concrete piles have been driven into the ground with a new inspection chamber installed. The existing pool inlet/outlets have also been adapted to suit the new wall construction.

Steel reinforcement is now being laid for the central circle and six other quadrants for the base concrete pour.

Tuesday 5th March

Key milestone reached

The refurbishment project has reached its first key milestone. Over 100 bored reinforced concrete piles are being installed to improve ground stability of the new pool. These piling works will take a few weeks to complete and will create a firm foundation for the pool.

This phase of work will be followed by alterations to utility supplies and the installation of a reinforced concrete slab. Cast in sections and connected by watertight movement joints, this protects the pool against changing water levels from tidal flow and localised flooding

Cllr John Rampton, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Borough of Poole, said: “This popular paddling pool has provided endless family fun over the last 80+ years, so it’s great to see such extensive foundation work being carried out to ensure this free facility can be enjoyed by future generations too.

“Residents and visitors are really excited to see the refurbishment of their new pool from the ground up. We look forward to following its progress to the point where we are able to dip our toes into the pool for the first time.”

Pat Bullock from Friends of Hamworthy Park, said: “With the full support of the community, we are delighted that works have started and we are very much looking forward to seeing the finished pool.”

The project is on schedule for completion before the coming summer.

Contractors, Ward Councillors, Friends and Recreation Team officers gather to mark the project’s first milestone

Monday 18th February

Diggers have moved onto the site and work is well underway to refurbish the attraction. Contractors have removed the original paddling pool base, as well as the coping stones, and exposed the pool drainage.

Piling will now commence, expected to continue for two weeks, allowing the installation of 114 bored reinforced concrete piles to support the new foundations.

Wednesday 16th January

We are delighted to confirm that pool refurbishment works will commence in February, and will include:

  • removal of original base,
  • installation of a new reinforced concrete slab and wall, fitting within the existing area, and new coping stones around the edges,
  • 114 bored reinforced concrete piles pinned to the new foundations – the largest pile measuring a radius of 250mm and going down to 10m below ground level to support the new slab,
  • to improve water quality, the location of the beach slope feature will move to the west of the pool.

The paddling pool is a popular feature of the park and has been a favourite destination for both local families and holiday makers for generations. The pool is freely accessible, without charge, and normally open annually from May to September.

The majority of funding for this project has been sought from Borough of Poole Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), Planning Obligations, and Capital Contingency, and includes £31,000 fundraising contribution from the Friends of Hamworthy Park.

Refurbishment of the paddling pool follows a number of other recent improvements at Hamworthy Park, which have included new footpaths and signage, together with play and landscape improvements – details here

Refurbishment Project

Budget £381,000
Funding Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)Planning Obligations Hamworthy East Ward; Planning Obligations Youth and Adult Play; Capital Contingency, Friends of Hamworthy Park
Project Leader Katie Azulay
T. 01202 261306
E. recreation.development@poole.gov.uk

In partnership with

Friends of Hamworthy Park

The Friends of Hamworthy Park

The Parks Foundation

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