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Last updated January 2019

Section 106 Planning Obligations

Recreational Contributions

For many years the vast majority of open space & play projects in Poole have been funded by Section 106 Planning Obligations:

Planning Obligations Funding is a nationwide innovation introduced by central Government and generated through the planning department. Legally binding agreements were entered into with property developers to ensure that certain planning obligations were met.

One such obligation was known as ‘Recreational Contributions’ – developer money contributed solely for the provision or improvement of parks, play areas and other leisure facilities. Recreational Contributions were allocated to two distinct funds:

Ward Based Funds, for use only in the ward in which the development(s) took place, and only on:

Equipped Children’s Play

Casual Play & Amenity Open Space

Borough-wide Funds, to be spent on facilities that can be enjoyed by all residents of Poole:

Major Built Facilities, such as Leisure Centres

Youth/Adult Outdoor Play


Poole Park

Upton Country Park

In January 2013 Borough of Poole introduced the Community Infrastructure Levy, which differs from Section 106 in that CIL money does not need to be used for providing infrastructure on the site it is
collected from.

Further background information to the Community Infrastructure Levy can be found at www.poole.gov.uk

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a locally set charge which can be applied to most new development to help fund infrastructure projects in Poole; the Levy took effect on 2nd January 2013. It differs from Section 106 in that CIL money does not need to be used for providing infrastructure on the site it is collected from.

CIL finance can be used to fund a wide range of infrastructure projects, and they are identified on an approved CIL Regulation 123 List which can be found at www.poole.gov.uk

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Neighbourhood Portion was launched in 2018; 15% of the Community Infrastructure Levy is set aside for the Neighbourhood Portion fund. It is a great opportunity for communities to help shape their areas, and the council has set up a bidding process for communities to identify how they want the Neighbourhood Portion to be spent. Details can be found at www.poole.gov.uk

Heathland Strategic Access Management & Monitoring (SAMM)

A new planning contribution came into effect on 8th April 2015, taken from all qualifying residential development to fund Strategic Access Management and Monitoring with the aim of managing the adverse effects of development upon the internationally important Dorset Heathlands. Further information on the contribution is available at www.poole.gov.uk

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