Branksome Woods pathway improvements

Last updated 22nd August 2022

The Project

Work is now complete on an approximately 400 metre long section of pathway in Branksome Woods, running from Tower Road West to a junction with an adjoining path from Lakeside Road.

Carried out by the Nature Conservation Team, based at Hatch Pond Depot, the works involved scraping off the aging surface of the existing track, which had over the years become encroached by vegetation and mulch build up.

The team utilised residual windfell timber, left from the February storms, to edge one section of the path, preventing future subsidence encroaching the new surface, also tying in with the Councils’ “Safer, Greener, Cleaner” campaign. Further edging was provided by collaboration with the Transport and Engineering Team, who supplied approximately 50 metres of recycled groyne timber. This should prove an excellent material to use, particularly in the wetter areas of the path, as it is extremely hard wearing and rot resistant, having already been sea weathered for the last 40 years! It also proved to be the ideal material for reinforcing the existing concrete bridges on site, allowing the required machinery access in transporting the new surfacing material!

The narrowest sections of the path have been widened to improve access and again, edged to prevent subsidence, whilst also allowing easier access for future maintenance.

In one area, the old drainage system had become clogged, resulting in a constantly wet path and erosion of the stones edging the river Bourne. This has been removed and replaced with larger capacity piping to carry water from a natural spring away more effectively, as well as using differing grades of shingle to prevent future clogging.

Finally, the entire stretch was levelled and re-surfaced, resulting a much more aesthetically pleasing and usable part of this popular greenspace.

  • Thanks go to Vic Collier and Dave Andrews of the BCP Transport and Engineering Teams for supervising the use of the recycled groyne timber.

About the project funding

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a levy that local authorities can charge on development in their area. CIL income can be used to contribute towards the funding of infrastructure needed to support new development.

Some of the CIL income is set aside for local communities use and is known as the Neighbourhood portion. Residents, businesses and community groups are regularly invited to submit bids for local projects which will improve, benefit and shape the development of their community for the future – for details please visit

Following a successful bid, in November 2021 the Branksome Park & Canford Cliffs Residents Association (BPCCRA) was awarded £13,154 CIL funding for drainage and pathways improvements throughout Branksome Chine. BCP Council is working with the BPCCRA to carry out those works.

Project details

Materials budget £2,000 (labour provided by the BCP Countryside team)
Funding part of a £13,000 CIL bid by Branksome Park & Canford Cliffs Residents Association
BCP Project Leader Terry Elborn, Environment

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