Poole Park Railway

Last updated 5th April 2023

It’s back in service!

Railway supervisors and volunteers have completed their training and tests, and we are delighted to announce that the service is now running, taking passengers on a leisurely trip around the freshwater lake in Poole Park!

The railway was officially re-opened by the Mayor of Poole, with flags, fun and band music on 15th October 2022.

The new 32-person capacity, wheelchair accessible & dog-friendly railway carriages look resplendent in their green & yellow livery, paying homage to the Southern Railway that operated in this area from 1923 to 1947.

For ticket prices and opening times, please visit www.poolepark.uk/poole-park-railway/

For the very latest updates & photos, visit the Friends of Poole Park Railway at www.facebook.com/groups/1070196020336573/

Volunteering on the railway

If you would like to volunteer to help on the railway please come along and chat to the Supervisor at the Railway Station, or send us an email at poolepkrailway@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

Friends of Poole Park Railway

Regular news, updates & photos at the Facebook Group page

Poole Park Railway is owned and operated by BCP Council.

Planning permission was granted in August 2019 for the demolition and replacement of the existing Engine Shed; details available at www.boppa.poole.gov.uk/online-applications

The railway service, which had been running under private management in Poole since 1949, was suspended in 2018 following a number of service interruptions and personnel issues.

The railway is now run by BCP Council employed Railway Supervisors and a talented team of volunteers.

Project details

Budget £480,000
Funding Prudential borrowing repaid through ticket sales, BCP Council and The Parks Foundation
Contractor Track Systems UK, Shropshire
Project Leader Jude Martin
01202 123888

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