Parkstone Ward, Picnic Benches

Completed November 2023

The Project

16 new picnic benches have been installed within Parkstone Ward.

The scheme benefits visitors to our parks, enabling them to comfortably enjoy an affordable day out by bringing their own food.

Three sets have been installed at Poole Park and at Whitecliff Recreation Ground each; and a further five sets at both Ashley Cross Green and Seaview Viewpoint.

Supplied with a longer table overhang on both ends and paving beneath, these picnic benches allow for easier wheelchair access.

Location plans

Three sets to be installed Poole Park
Three sets to be installed at Whitecliff Recreation Ground
Five sets to be installed at Ashley Cross Green
Five sets to be installed at Seaview Viewpoint

Project details

Budget £54,000
Funding Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy (NCIL)
Project Leader Barbara Uphoff, Landscape Designer, Environment, BCP Council
T. 01202 123123

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