Alexandra Park – a Future Parks ‘Pilot Park’

Last updated 13th December 2021

In 2019 Alexandra Park was selected as one of three BCP region ‘Pilot Parks’ in the Future Parks project. Working together with local charity, The Parks Foundation we tested ideas for the future management, funding and improvement of green spaces.

Following community engagement activities, The Parks Foundation created plans for the three parks (others were Winton Recreation Ground and Waterman’s Park in Christchurch) and, since March 2021, we’ve been making physical changes and delivering activities to engage the local communities in these spaces.

Three 'Pilot Park' projects with The Parks Foundation

Alexandra Park

The ‘Pilot Park’ Masterplan

2021 plan for improvements, Alexander Park

Improvements 2021-22

Thank you to everyone who has participated and shared their priorities for improving Alexandra Park so far. Below is an overview of the improvements carried out:

  • New benches installed at the front of the pavilion
  • New surfacing for the Multi Use Games Are
  • Planting the entrances to the park
  • We have established a successful community garden on the Pavilion Green, together with a volunteer group which looks after the crop. Food grown is donated to local people through working with other charities and organisations. 

Planting at park entrances

A mix of ornamental grasses and perennials will create a tapestry of contrasting texture, shape and form. Inspired by the Edwardian heritage of the park, which is known for its perennial borders, the scheme makes a link to the park’s history and enhances the natural qualities of the landscape. Planting of nectar rich perennials such as Rudbeckia, Sage and Catmint support invertebrates which in turn are a food source for the local bat and bird population.

Purbeck stone blocks will create interest and structure in winter, whilst daffodils and woodland anemones will provide an early splash of colour.

Proposed planting at the entrance from Alexandra Road west
Artists impression of the new planting at the entrance from Alexandra Road west
Planting at park entrances

Community Garden

On the Pavilion Green

We have created a community garden on the Pavilion Green! We are making it a place that everyone can use and be proud of. Share your ideas, help raise funds or roll up your sleeves and get handy with a hammer and spade! No prior experience needed.

Community Garden, Alexander Park
*The plan above shows initial ideas from a community consultation, summer 2020.
Alexandra Park community garden
Alexandra Park community garden

Pilot Parks 2021-2022

  • The valuable work and successes of the three Pilot Parks has been condensed into an infographic report – download the Pilot Parks report 2021-22
  • This has led to a grant of £224,000 from the Green Recovery Challenge Fund to carry out similar work in a further 8 parks across the BCP region, bringing to 11 the number of ‘Future Parks’ now being transformed in partnership with The Parks Foundation – the additional eight being Branksome Recreation Ground, Haskells Recreation Ground, Jumpers Common, Kinson Manor Playing Fields, Muscliff Park, Pelhams Park, Slades Farm and Strouden Park.

What Next?

  • Continuing our work with The Parks Foundation, we aim to create a nature recovery network across the 11 parks, known as the ‘Nature Recovery’ project.
  • We’ll increase habitat for wildlife to give animals, insects, and birds more options for homes and food and make it easier for wildlife to find places they can thrive
  • We’ll also be making physical improvements in the parks, connecting residents with nature and empowering communities to get involved
  • This second phase begins in autumn 2022 – read about the Nature Recovery project

Project details

BCP Project Leader Ruth Wharton
T. 01202 123123

The Parks Foundation Parks Activator Josh Clarke
E. j.clarke@

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