Throop Nature Park along the River Stour

Last updated 1st March 2023

w/c 27th February

Vegetation Clearance

This week we have Homegrown Timber (Rail) Ltd, who are an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor, on site carrying out vegetation clearance to the compound area at Hicks Farm and clearance of bramble along the edge of the main SANG field.

Some trees require cutting back, particularly in the car park entrance, and one tree requires felling near the path entrance at Watery Lane.

We are conscious that bird nesting season is upon us from 1st March inclusive, and should the clearance works overrun we have arranged for a trained ecologist to be on site to oversee all works past this date.

Vegetation clearance 28th Feb
Vegetation clearance 28th Feb
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1st March

Due to bird nesting season, a trained ecologist was on site first thing this morning to check the vegetation. Nothing of concern was found and all on-site clearance was completed today.

Project Background

On land previously known as Hicks Farm, Throop Nature Park will open up an exciting new area of approximately 12 hectares (30 acres) of BCP Council green space along the River Stour, offering people more opportunity to get outside and explore the great outdoors. The Nature Park will include a variety of circular walks, and semi-natural spaces to explore. There will be a new car park, gravel paths and grassy paths, benches and informative signs. The area will also provide space for dogs to exercise.

Planning approval was granted in 2021 (Application reference 7-2021-7824-C). A number of technical assessments have been completed to consider potential impacts upon ecology, trees, transport, heritage, flood risk and landscape, as well as opportunities for enhancement. Planning Conditions were discharged in January 2023.

The build is expected to start in the Spring, with the Nature Park opening to the public by late summer.

THROOP NATURE PARK – arial concept

Throop Nature Park - aerial concept

The Nature Park has been designed to protect and enhance the existing wildlife habitats and species in the local area, whilst making improvements by planting thousands of new trees within new copses and by reinstating old hedgerows lost previously due to changes in agricultural practices. We will also be managing the majority of the floodplan meadow through conservation grazing and this will improve the wildflower diversity within that grassland.

Location & Accessibility

Throop Nature Park will be accessed from Throop Road and Watery Lane for pedestrians and cycles.

It will be served by a new, nearby car park off of Taylor Drive, including some disabled parking spaces. The gravel paths will be suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs and mobility scooters. There will be benches and dog bins in the park. There will be cycle parking at both entrances.

Throop Nature Park will be a SANG

SANGs (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspaces) are purposely designed to encourage people to use them for leisure purposes, rather than visiting the Dorset Heathlands which are of national and European nature conservation importance and designated as a Special Protection Area.

All new housing developments in Poole and Bournemouth make a financial contribution towards a package of mitigation measures, including the creation of natural green space. This has already led to the creation of 30 hectares of new natural green space at Upton Park Farm in Poole and over 14 hectares of new natural greenspace at Canford Park in Bearwood. The creation of natural green space accessible to the public at Throop Nature Park will complement this and help to meet the needs of future generations.

Project details

Total Budget £618,000
Funding Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Heathland Mitigation (£518,000) and other (£100,000)
Project Leader Katie Azulay
T. 01202 123123

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